JRG Interiors is an Interior Design Studio based in Avoca Beach NSW.
The Studio is currently working on projects both in Sydney and the Central Coast in Residential and Commercial markets. 

Recently our Avoca Beach Project was Winner at the Housing Industry Awards in the Custom Built Home Over 3 Million Dollars Category. We are so pleased to work with outstanding Builders and clients.

We are currently working on the Magenta Shores Golf Resort as well as several residential projects.

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A major part of our passion for design is assisting clients to utilise the existing space within their homes, every single inch of it. We work with families to maximise what they currently have, and then efficiently design a layout that reflects their needs and changes how they live. Residential renovations require working with only the best builders, architects and trades to ensure the result is a functional, liveable design that will stand the test of time but also reflect the clients’ needs and budget.

Whether it’s a new build or a renovation we will ensure your home reflects the needs of its occupants.

Our designers have a combined wealth of experience selecting colours and materials for new builds for couples, families and developers. We assist you to realise your vision and bring it to life. 

Selections can be stressful however with the assistance of an established designer the look and feel of your project can be created easily and effectively whilst enjoying the process. Documentation is key to ensure the overall build is without any surprises, bringing all parties together. We provide you, the builder and the trades with the schedule to refer to throughout your project.

We work with our suppliers to ensure we are kept up to date with the latest products and applications and pass this information on to our clients. Experience determines whom we will work with and the quality of their work.

Commercial Design is a fast-paced area of our services and we have completed Offices, Hair Salons, Design Studios and more. With a focus here on detailing and efficiency, we enjoy the challenge of commercial design.

Each of our projects is subject to you, the client.  We work with you in a capacity that you are comfortable with.

Often the process starts with an initial meeting. During this initial meeting we get to know each other and ensure we are going to work cohesively together, we discuss the project you have and the requirements. These requirements may be timeline related with a focus on budget. Or perhaps they are more personal and the project may require a softer, slower approach. We take notes and pictures during this initial appointment to refer back to.

After we have met and discussed what we the designers refer to assassinate the ‘Brief’, we provide you with an hourly rate for services or perhaps a quote for the entire project. We also provide a brief written outline of the initial meeting and any notes we may feel are relevant.

Once the terms have been confirmed we can proceed to create a concept by way of a mood board to ensure that designer and client are on the same page. This is sent to the client or presented depending on the clients’ preferences and any amendments are made.

Once all parties agree that the mood board is agreeable the design can commence. This may be a new layout designed, material selections made, a sample board co-ordinated, drafting work completed, 3D imagery completed or all of the above and more. It depends on the project and the clients’ needs.

With the help of the latest technologies, we can show you how your space can be better used. 3D virtual apps are incorporated into our presentations.

With Interior Design we often find that several appointments are required to showcase textures and colours as this is a very tactile service and face to face meetings (usually on-site) allow a client to see how lighting will affect materials and the reaction to them. We often find ourselves on building sites with samples and clients in the midst of building chaos. It’s all part of the fun.

We work with our clients throughout the entire process from initial meetings to the arrival of selected furniture pieces, the hanging of curtains and blinds down to the tile selection for the pool interior. Interior Design does not stop at the back door. We coordinate with landscapers and fencers, ensuring the overall project reflects the look and feel discussed with the client initially.

So whether you have a bathroom, a kitchen, a new home or you want to renovate your current home we can help you create your vision and make this a reality. 

If you have an office that needs to become a place where people want to work and meet but need help creating such a mythical place we can create that. IF you have a retail space that all your hopes and dreams are relying on we can design that.


For the Home

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Our favourite room of any home, designing the heart and soul begins with the kitchen. Combining textures and colour to ensure a long-lasting stylish result. 


Designing a functional, aesthetically pleasing and detailed Bathroom or Ensuite can be tricky. Let’s work together to stick to your budget and schedule.


The perfect dinner party needs atmosphere, mood and an elegant feel. But what about everyday use? Let’s look at the flow around your space and make sure everything has a home.


Creating a playful, space for little ones is a special part of being an Interior Designer. Our inner child comes out to play. Colour and texture are added to evoke all senses.


Never to be forgotten the laundry design can often be where you add that little bit of fun.


Formal or casual, large or small the way we live has to be adaptable. Creating a space that represents your lifestyle is our aim.


Creating a mood is all in your lighting plan. We have only the best suppliers on hand to find you what you need when you need it.


Living in Australia we thrive on the indoor/outdoor versatility. Good design allows the use of all space in all weather.


Mixing colour and textures to create a relaxed ambiance. A room not to be overdone, soft in its edges and where our clients feel most at peace.

Soft Furnishings

To complete any room, you need to add the final layer, the icing.

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